Remote & Inhospitable

Remote & Inhospitable - Mountain Rescue Team


‘We’ve been using Primetech’s MultiNet satellite internet system for a couple of years and it has proved its worth many times in our more remote areas.

‘But more recently we’ve incorporated it into our new control vehicle with a small modification to the modem Peli-case, introducing a weather-proof RJ45 connector which allows us to have the modem hard-wired into the vehicle’s network for improved connectivity.

‘The new control vehicle has a repeater linked to other repeaters on a network via the internet, so a good stable internet connection was vital. It’s quite amazing to think that a simple two-way radio communication between base and a team member in the remotest of locations is actually travelling via satellite.’

Kendal Mountain Rescue Team


Remote & Inhospitable - Remote Coaching Inn


Surrounded by Scafell Pike and Great Gable mountains, with no 4G or mobile signal, this secluded 200-year-old Inn benefits from MultiNet - Primetech's UNBREAKABLE network.

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  • Guest wi-fi
  • Table Ordering
  • Voip

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