et11 EasyTrac is a mobility mat system designed to provide a robust, easily deployed rescue platform for use in a variety of challenging environments.

It delivers a proven method for improving vehicle access and movement in severe operating conditions. The 130 mats, for example can support weights of up to 100 tonnes.

EasyTrac mats are light in weight, made of rugged plastic and available in a wide range of customisable colours (including fluorescent mats for night vision) and can be used to assist access for vehicles, and aid recovery of, aeroplanes, persons or animals from a variety of challenging environments including deep riverbank mud.

Manufacturing Information: EasyTrac is manufactured from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). EVA is an Elastomeric Co-polymer which produces a material with a rubber like softness, flexibility and "return ability" meaning it can return to its original shape after repeated deformation from use. EVA design is crystalline, long chain polymers to give strength and rubbery flexibility.

Benefits. Light in weight which reduces transport, storage and deployment costs. Easy to use, clean, store and deploy.

Safety: EVA does NOT have any plasticisers. EVA is Bisphenol A (BPA) free so is considered a safer alternative. (BPA) is an Estrogen-imitating chemical used to produce reusable plastic products)

Recyclable: EasyTrac blocks are 100% recyclable. Any damaged or worn products can be recycled into new Easytrac blocks ready for re-use.

Production method: EasyTrac is a modular design giving unlimited flexibility in size and strength according to the application requirements

EasyTrac Spécifications: Modular in design, EasyTrac can be specified in a range of sizes and strengths to suit each individual application.

Dimensions: 600mm width x 1000mm length mats of 70mm height, supports up to 12 tons. Scale-able for greater weight requirements. Individual mats are joined to form the length of track required. Ready-made role of 25/50 meters for faster deployment.

Options: Multiple Colour choice. Embedded company logo. Fluorescent.

Maintenance: Jet wash after use to keep clean and remove ground materials attached during use. Flexibility of product means no ground preparation necessary as Easytrac's flexibility has "terrain following" ability at any angle of ascent or descent. EasyTrac is 100% non-porous so can be left out in all weathers. Unaffected by hot or cold and does not cause any environmental issues or concerns.

EASYTRAC Guarantee/Warranty: The EasyTrac mats are guaranteed under normal use to perform as intended for a minimum of 5 years. Any damage sustained during normal use due to a fault in the manufacturing and parts will be replaced FOC. The mats and all associated fixings are designed to be suitable for long term use in fresh and salt water environment, without sustaining any diminished performance. The above guarantee does not cover any damage caused by unintended use or the user exceeding the weight limit specified for that mat. However, integral to the design of all Easytrac products is the ability to replace individual parts thereby keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. 

Easytrac Mobility Mat System from Henry A Walker on Vimeo.

Easytrac Illumination 12 Three sizes

Rolls ready to deploy  et2

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