T7 Communicator Body Worn Video Cameras


T7 Communicator (T7C) is an 'Always On', 'Push To Talk over Cellular (POC)', WiFi / 4G Body Worn Camera System (BWCS) featuring ultra-low bandwidth H265 video Compression.

Our T7C uses existing Encrypted GSM, 4G, LTE Networks and available Internet infrastructure to manage this new generation of Body-Worn Multimedia Data Terminals via a fully integrated Windows PC based MULTIMEDIA DISPATCH PLATFORM.

The T7C can be Hand Held, Body-Worn or Vehicle Mounted. Each T7C can provide Online 4G / WiFi Communications, GPS Location Services, IR Night Vision, Optional Face recognition, Text Messaging, PTT Audio, SOS Alarm, up to 8MP 4K UHD Video Recording, up to 64M Photo Recording and Central Upload capability.

Our Docking STATIONS house up to eight T7C MULTIMEDIA DATA TERMINALS (MDT) to automatically download all Recorded Video and Photo files to an internal SATA HDD, reformat the T7C Internal SD Card and recharge the T7C MDT. Data files are also Automatically Downloaded over secure corporate WiFi networks.

Operated from a single Windows PC, the dispatcher can initiate,

  • POC Grouping,
  • GPS Tracking,
  • GeoFencing,
  • One to One or One to Group Text Messaging,
  • One to One or One to Group PTT Audio Sessions,
  • LIVE Video streaming,
  • LIVE Video Conference
  • Receive Encrypted Video and Photo Files
  • Back Office Case Investigation and Reporting.

The DISPATCH PLATFORM creates Situation Awareness at the highest level enabling rapid escalation and deployment of resources in every incident.

BWCS Features

  • Resilient Multi Carrier Network
  • IP68 (Waterproof)
  • AES Encryption
  • POC (Push to Talk over Cell)
  • One to One, One to Many Grouping
  • Geofencing
  • SOS Distress button

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