Primetech - MultiNet Comms

Resilient, secure, integrated communications where terrestrial networks are inconsistent, scarce or congested

For all types of users and events - both planned and unplanned!

  • High capacity and deployable anywhere - based on Ka-band mobile satellite broadband.
  • Multi-device and Multi-channel - delivering voice, video and data across vehicle and non-vehicle mounted mobile satellite broadband systems, incident ground wifi, integrated multichannel voice comms (radio, mobile) all seamlessly linked through one system.
  • Integrated with cutting edge technologies such as T7 Communicator advanced body-worn camera, radio and GPS device, ruggedised wifi tablets and laptops, hi-res imagery drones.
  • Resilient and secure military grade encryption.

Multinet Systems


Primetech MultiNet Satellite communications far outperform cellular or other wireless-based services for ‘all-location’ communication since satellite communication are unaffected by cellular dead-zones or temporary environmental conditions.


Independence from the terrestrial network means that even if – in a worst-case scenario – all terrestrial communications are destroyed; satellite communications will continue to function. Satellites have almost complete immunity from catastrophic events. 

Primetech MultiNet offers a range of solutions that include contract, short term rental or PAYG services via Ka-Band, all designed to meet the immediate needs of outside broadcast, first response, inhospitable location and event management irrespective of location. 

Satellite communications continue to fulfil several roles which mark it out as a critical part of the 21st-century communications infrastructure, alongside terrestrial communications. At the heart of the MultiNet Communications network is the iNetVu Auto Point mobile satellite system, world-renowned, high survivability with no reliance on a terrestrial network.

Fulfilling the demand for:

  • Temporary or special project networks
  • Greenfield developments
  • Emergency/Disaster response
  • Festivals/Sporting events

Primetech’s MultiNet communications deliver Anytime, Anywhere.

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MultiNet Systems Products 


Seamless Voice, Video And Data, Across Many Devices, For Multiple Missions 

kendal 20We’ve been using Primetech’s MultiNet satellite internet system for a couple of years and it has proved its worth many times in our more remote areas. More recently we’ve incorporated it into our new control vehicle with a small modification to the modem Peli-case, introducing a weather-proof RJ45 connector which allows us to have the modem hard-wired into the vehicle’s network for improved connectivity.

The new control vehicle has a repeater linked to other repeaters on a network via the internet, so a good stable internet connection was vital. It’s quite amazing to think that a simple two way radio communication between base and a team member in the remotest of locations is actually travelling via satellite.’

Kendal Mountain Rescue Team


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