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Wireless SD-WAN routers receive UK’s ESN Accreditation

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The Max BR1 ESN, HD2 MBX and HD4 MBX wireless routers have been certified by UK’s Emergency Services Network (ESN). The routers are now approved for use in the country’s fleet of first responders and emergency services vehicles.

The ESN is the UK’s next generation critical communications infrastructure that aims to improve the country’s mobile network for emergency services, especially in remote areas and at times of network congestion. It will create a single seamless platform for critical communications: connecting front line emergency service users operating vehicles, aircraft and control rooms.

The MAX BR1 ESN and the MBX range of routers are built to provide always-on and secure SD-WAN connectivity in demanding environments. Whether it is ESN, commercial LTE, or in the future 5G, the MBX leverages the bandwidth of multiple connections concurrently to establish high-speed connectivity. In the event that one of the mobile networks encounters a slow and spotty connection, the BR1 ESN safeguards connectivity by seamlessly switching over to other links.

The BR1 ESN is purpose-designed for any deployment environment with extreme temperatures and transient surges. Along with InControl2 remote network management suite, the Max BR1 ESN provides a complete and certified solution that mission-critical emergency service users can rely on.

The MBX series is available in 2 models, the HD2 and HD4. The HD2 can support up to two concurrent LTE-A Pro connections with four SIM cards, while the HD4 can support up to four concurrent LTE-A Pro connections with eight SIM cards. Both models feature interchangeable cellular modules, allowing for easy upgrade to 5G.


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ESN Certified Routers for Emergency Services


Approved for UK Public Safety


Peplink has three routers certified for use in UK’s Emergency Services Network (ESN): the HD2 MBX, the HD4 MBX and the BR1 ESN. These routers have been approved for use in the country’s fleet of first responder and emergency service vehicles

Achieve Unbreakable Connectivity


Use our patented SpeedFusion technology to combine ESN and commercial links into an unbreakable VPN connection that stays up even if a link goes down. As traffic goes from one WAN to the next, your session will continue streaming without any interruption. SpeedFusion also has greater coverage and bandwidth than that of a single cellular link.




Currently, first responders can only record video on site; live streaming remains a challenge. Use Speed- Fusion to bond multiple cellular links into a powerful VPN connection that can stream HD video back to headquarters. WAN Smoothing technology ensures that your video stream remains consistent and uninterrupted even as traffic moves between different WAN links.


Extend 2-Way Radios Anywhere


Previously, 2-way radios such as LMR, P.25, TETRA, NXDN, and DMR only worked with other radios connected to the same repeater. With SpeedFusion, they become a single unbreakable network. This extends the reach of existing 2-way radio networks to anywhere an LTE or other IP network is available.

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