In areas where standard communications networks are either inadequate, have failed or simply non existent, Primetech leads with the provision of robust, reliable & resilient technology.  

One or multiple agencies can use the license-free, transparent platform that the MultiNet Networking Solutions (MNS) provides with each user benefitting from a combination of, LTE (ESN), WiFi, COFDM UHF, VHF and last-resort Satellite all seamlessly integrated into the MSN solution that provides an unbreakable resilient communications platform in any situation.

MultiNet Networking Solutions makes it possible for a larger group of people to work together and interact in order to ensure that both decision-makers and observers have access to accurate information and complete communications resilience in any given situation.

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As a self-healing Mesh network MNS securely delivers audio and video from Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) 4G/WiFi Body Worn Video cameras, sensative UAV livestreamed footage, and live video stream from tripodmounted 4G/WiFi cameras as part of an unbreakable network that is not dependent on terrestrial resources, which means that even if all conventional networks are destroyed, satellite communications are invaluable.

Recent real world examples of MNS deployments are the 2021 G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall and the COP26 Global Climate Conference in Scotland. After months of meticulous planning and collaboration with our client’s security and engineering teams, Primetech was security vetted and contracted to deploy its self-contained communications trailer alongside technology-mirrored off-road support vehicles at the challenging locations hosting the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, with the TEAM rising to the occassion the compact trailer was hailed a resounding success.

Within the G7 security zone, the unattended self-contained communications trailer intercepted fibre optic feeds from multiple surveillance cameras located as far away as St Erth to the east and St Ives to the west.

At the heart of the MSN is the MIR2020, a hybrid DVB-S2/S2X iQ200 satellite modem integrated with an ESN (Emergency Services Network) approved 4G-LTE (5G ready) router, housed in a 1U 19” rack-mountable unit paired with the C-Comsatellite auto pointing antenna delivering a high bred service over the THOR 7 satellite network.

The MIR2020 provided transparent failover, from the incumbent 4G network to the Telenor THOR 7 satellite feed when cellular network disruption incapacitated the 4G CCTV network.

As VNO’s (Virtual Network Operators), Primetech’s on-site engineering team configured the specialised satellite link enabling the immediate rerouting of CCTV feeds to the command team based 100 miles away over the bespoke 6Mbps THOR 7 uplink. Remotely, security agencies benefitted from an elevated, birds eye view across Carbis Bay and beyond using a high-powered zoom camera mounted on the built-in mast of the communications trailer.

The 4x4 Shogun, stationed outside the security perimeter at a neighbouring holiday resort and equipped with the same satellite capabilities as the self-contained communication trailer, provided vital network management and resilience via multiple virtual private networks. (VPN)

The successful deployment of Primetech’s services at both the G7 Summit and COP26 demonstrates the diversity of Primetech’s technical expertise and engineering capabilities, as well as Primetech and Telenor Satellite’s excellent Ka-band professional services. Succes at these two diverse global events reinforces the value of rapidly deployable, economically priced compact solutions.

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